• la noir de

    An assemblage of the black female body in popular culture through the lens of The Hottentot Venus. This performance includes projections of words, sounds, and images of contemporary online mass-distributed images juxtaposed with photos and imagery from the 19th century. 2012.
  • an ode to confluence

    An installation that is an exploration of the relationship that people have to water. Reflections on the social, economic and political relationship that people have to water. The first part of a series that is a requiem for facile access to clean drinking water. The focus of this piece is on the confluence that exists or cannot exist within bottles. 2012.
  • reservoir perception

    Video of the reservoirs from the outside of the gallery space were projected. The audience inside of the gallery were projected on to the images of the outside. Documentation of installation.  2011.
  • no names gods names her name

    This performance was part of a collaborative project called the Nature of Nomenclature, performed in Berkley at The Subterannean Art House in 2011.
  • flawless white beauty

    Skin lightening creams are still distributed worldwide. It is 20__ now. This was created in 2010 after I discovered the popular and controversial Ponds Flawless White Skin Whitenening commercial series on Youtube.
  • #Africa!?

    Starting with a google video search of the word "africa", this video is am amalgamation of the collective consciousness of the United States/Every country in Europe (and her progeny) online perception of the word "Africa."  Music by Chief Boima. Video Run Time 1 minute.  2010
  • Venus

    no one knows her name.. some all her venus, others call her hottentot, her dutch name was saartjie..  but these names are all a manifestation of the colonial gaze and hiearchical systems of language and knowledge. to this day no on knows: who was she really? beyond the use of her body for display? for science? this series of portraits is my exploration on the image of the venus hottentot. When an online user does an image search of venus hottentot, or sarah baartman,  the online researcher does not see her face until page 2 of the image list. This troubled me and i decided to create an image that elicit the essence of her face, not her body. 2010