Performance and Installation
Presented at D Center
Maryland Institute College of Art
April, 2013

Confluence is an interactive installation, performance, and digital storytelling project that is a documentation of community perspectives on water and green space in our urban environment.

Through partnerships with local and national organizations and nonprofits which share a common focus on clean water and environmental justice, the project galvanizes community voices through sharing and documenting stories about our relationship to water and waterfronts in the city.

Confluence begins to unravel and reassemble the memories that people have with the bodies of water that flow beneath our feet. Through the use of performance, video, and sculpture, this interactive installation represents the second part of a requiem for facile access to clean drinking water and the ingredients of healthy lifestyles for all entitled Ode to Confluence.

The installation follows a narrative arc and is comprised of a sculptural form made of plastic water bottles, a 14-channel video, and water bowls. Interactive technology is used to create a space for the viewer to engage with the content of the stories on a more personal level.

The performance is an exploration of my own dynamic relationship to water through the mundane actions that are often considered rote, or ritual.

The product of this creative gumbo is trans-disciplinary installation and performance. This work is a prismatic assemblage of my collaborative partners, my personal reflections, the perceptions of the audience, and offers an opening for our collective consciousness.