Performance art is not new. Performance art is a ritual (thank you Ana Mendieta). Performance art is free(dom/ing). My work is not free. My labor is not free. Performance art is a Ritual to move past the conditions of our current social conditions. Performance art is a journey towards freedom (thank you Nina Simone). When I tell you that I am a performance artist, your response might be: oh, so you’re a dancer? I am not a dancer; although dance is a part of my process. Performance art is a gesture of the body as sculpture (that’s that Joseph Beuys). Shapes in space (that’s that Horton training). Eurocentric perspectives of movement have been instilled in me because I am an African-American, but that was not the first movement I learned, there was the whop, the cabbage patch and the butterfly before). Performance art is also a breaking of the barriers between audience and performer, between theater space and public space, between framing ourselves and framing others.