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Link to Here and Now radio interview:
LACMA’s new Digital Public Art Program

LACMA Turns to SnapChat, this time for a virtual monuments project

Link to conversation with Joy Davis, founder of Waller Gallery and Manager of Adult and Community Programs

A review on the group show La Track/The Track at Galerie B-312 in Montreal in Le Devoir.


A review of More than a Number in the Smithsonian Magazine!


A mention that includes myself and other Halcyon Arts Lab Fellows in the Washington Post!

Ada Pinkston and Hoesy Corona included in the print edition of BMORE ART JOURNAL Vol 7 BODIES


National Gallery of Art
Rachael Whiteread Symposium

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An Interview with Mind on Fire

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Building a Wall Against Patriarchy Brick By Brick

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LabBodies featured in Vulture Magazine...


“John Waters made me realize that it’s possible to make a body of work that is simultaneously liberating and uncomfortable to look at,” says Ada Pinkston, who co-founded Labbodies with fellow artist Hoesy Corona back in 2014. A performance and curatorial project focused around championing women and queer artists of color in museums, galleries, and public spaces, their activities include hosting an annual performance review, which brings together local and visiting artists for a weekend where you’re just as likely to attend a séance as participate in a punk-rock dance party. Labbodies, which had its humble beginnings at the infamous live-work loft, the Copycat Building, embraces a DIY ethos that is pervasive across Baltimore’s creative landscape, channeling Waters’s “fuck permission” mentality. Pinkston loves running into Waters at events and bars in Baltimore. “It’s fun to party with a legend in such a relaxed way,” she says, “to be able to talk to him, to get a head nod, which I read as, ‘It’s good to see that the next generation is fucking shit up!’”

Labbodies in Baltimore Beat's top 10 2017 art shows!

4. LabBodies’ “BBB Performance Art Review III: Freedom” at SpaceCamp: “Freedom” is an apt curatorial theme for a performance art showcase any time: Both freedom and performance art itself are ephemeral and, more often than not, they implicate the body. But for these artists—mostly women of color—the slipperiness of freedom nearly year into the Trump regime made for an especially potent point to pass through and break down. At performance art incubator LabBodies’ third annual “Borders, Boundaries, and Barricades (BBB)” exhibition (the first of which took place in 2015 in response to the uprising), we saw the effects and survival of oppression distilled into commanding images of endurance, repetition, and gesture. (Maura Callahan)

Baltimore Beat


 Ada Pinkston Mentioned in Artforum.

LabBodies mentioned in Artforum

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